One Stop Service Platform (OSSP) is an integrated digital one stop service delivery platform that automate forms and/or applications with dynamic workflow, it maintains enhanced security, privacy as well as audit logs. Its is an incredibly useful framework that introduces various latest features with extra layer of security and reliability.

As a centralized system, this framework reduces process time and expenses, also offers end-to-end application process with data transparency, security and non-repudiation. This platform independent framework has central login facility and authentication system where multi-level security is ensured from a single point. Hence, with single credentials (one email and password), it is possible in OSSP to access multiple authorized systems. Third-party login systems such as Google and UDC (Union Digital Center) are also available here. Moreover, its scalability allows integration of multiple services.


•  Insight (Dashboard)
•  Report Engine
•  Work Flow Engine
•  Online Payment
•  Stakeholder Integration
•  Secured Document
•  Blockchain
•  Meeting Management
•  Training System
•  Notifications